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Determining the Value of a Persian Rug

Buying a Persian rug serves as an investment. As long as you properly care for your floor covering and bring it in for professional rug cleaning in Concord, you can retain the value of your rug. Keep reading to figure out how to determine the value of your Persian rug:

The most valuable Persian rugs are handmade. Authentic rugs with handmade knots will be the most desirable, which gives them a higher value. The materials used to make the rug also affect its value. Natural fibers like animal or plant fibers can increase the value of your rug.

Bring your Persian rug to East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning to get it appraised. Our experts will evaluate and document your rug’s origin, fabric type, design, condition, and value. We also offer some of the best rug cleaning and repair services in the Bay Area to help you keep your rugs in top condition. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (925) 231-0918.

Touring Some Common Persian Rug Symbols

Persian rugs are created with symbols that represent important aspects of life. Understanding what the symbols mean can give you a new appreciation for these beautiful rugs and will inspire you to practice good rug care.

If you see water in a Persian rug, it usually symbolizes survival. Gardens are used to represent paradise or heaven. Parrots symbolize protection, antelopes represent restfulness, and seeds symbolize the potential for future growth. Check out this video to learn more.

At East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning, we offer rug cleaning and repair services that help you keep your floor coverings in the best condition. With decades of experience in the industry, we offer top-quality Persian rug cleaning services in Concord. To learn more, visit us online or call (925) 231-0918.

A Guide to Preserving Your Oriental Rugs

When you own an Oriental rug, you have to take care of it to keep it in the best condition. With a little bit of attention, you can keep your rug looking rich and vibrant years after you bought it. Use the following Oriental rug care tips to ensure that your floor covering retains its appeal and beauty:

Be Careful Where You Place It

Direct sunlight can cause major damage to your rug. If you want to keep the color of your rug from fading, it is important to place it away from a window so it does not get hit with direct sunlight. You should also avoid putting your rug too close to a heating vent that might dry it out. If you have to put the rug in front of a window, invest in quality window treatments that help you block UV rays from damaging it.

Rotate It Regularly

If you have placed your rug in a high-traffic area, it is important to rotate it regularly to avoid uneven wear and tear. You should also rotate the rug if you have placed it beneath furniture so one side does not have indentations from the furniture. If you place pads beneath the rug, you can protect it from excessive wear and tear.

Clean It the Right Way

Oriental rugs require a certain kind of cleaning. The average homeowner doesn’t have the special equipment needed to properly clean, rinse, dry, and seal an Oriental rug, so you should take it to a professional company that specializes in Oriental rug cleaning in Concord. The experts know what it takes to clean the rug without causing any damage that might decrease its value and its aesthetic appeal.

East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning has served as one of the top rug cleaning companies in the Bay Area since 1983. Our professional team can help you keep your rug in its best condition so it continues to add beauty and depth to your home décor. To learn more about our cleaning and repair services, visit us online or call (925) 231-0918.

Steps to Take If You Stain Your Persian Rug

Removing stains is an extremely important element of caring for your Persian rug. Use this guide to learn which steps to take to prevent stains from becoming permanent. For best results, be sure to seek professional rug cleaning in Concord.

Blot the Stain

The sooner you can start attacking the stain, the better chance you have of getting rid of it before it becomes permanent. You should use a clean paper towel or a white cloth to blot up as much of the stain as you can. Don’t use a cloth with colors or dyes that might transfer to the rug. Start blotting along the outside of the stain and work your way inward to dab up as much of the stain as possible.

Blot the Area with Clean Water

Once you have blotted up as much of the stain as you can, you should blot some clean water onto the area and use a clean cloth to remove even more of the stain. Be sure to blot the area with a dry cloth that is only partially moistened so you do not cause any water damage. You can run the vacuum over the area to clean up any leftover parts of the stain once the rug is dry.

Take It to the Professionals

If you are not having luck removing the stain, you might want to bring the rug to the professionals so they can remove it without causing any more damage. Professional Persian rug cleaners have the knowledge, the experience, and the tools that allow them to permanently remove the stain.

At East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning, we work hard to keep your rugs in the best shape. As a family owned and operated company, our entire staff is dedicated to giving our clients the best rug cleaning and repair services in the Bay Area. We use the Auserehlian Cleaning System to ensure that your rugs get the attention and the care they need. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (925) 231-0918.

Retracing the History of Persian Rugs

Many antique Persian rugs hail from the second golden age of rug weaving, which occurred from the late 19 th century until the beginning of the 20 th century. The oldest known rug is 2,500 years old, but it displays the evolution of weaving, which predates the actual rug.

Rugs from the first Golden Age of weaving are extremely rare, but rugs from the 2 nd Golden Age are still incredibly popular. Check out this video to learn more about the history of the Persian rug.

If you need to utilize Persian rug cleaning or repair services, bring your piece to East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning. Since 1983, we have served as the top cleaning, repair, and restoration shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. To learn more, visit us online or call (925) 231-0918.

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