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Why Oriental Rug Cleaning Requires the Right Touch

If your Oriental rugs could use some freshening up, or if they've recently sustained some damage due to a stain or moisture exposure, then be sure to treat them to an antique rug cleaning service by a trustworthy professional like East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning. Professional Oriental rug cleaning is a delicate process that requires a high level of skill, as well as experience and knowledge, especially given the age and value of this carpet style. Inexperienced Persian rug cleaning professionals may not be familiar with diverse fibers such as wool, silk, rayon, and may resort to improper methods for treating these materials.


Antique rugs that are not treated with the appropriate amount of care they deserve during the cleaning process can easily lose their special charm or become ruined. At East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning, we use a thorough seven-step cleaning process to get antique Oriental rugs clean without causing them harm. To find out more about what sets us apart from other Oriental rug cleaning companies in the Bay Area, call (925) 933-8874 today.

Valuing Persian Rugs

Today, Persian rugs are incredibly desirable items for homeowners to invest in, thanks to their aesthetic qualities, historical significance, and overall value. As the carpet expert in this video shares with us, the value of a particular Persian rug depends on several factors, with the most important variables being its age and its condition. The most valuable Persian rugs are those that are in great shape and were handcrafted between the mid- to late-nineteenth century.

Persian rugs will also range in value based on their artistic properties and the craftsmanship that they possess. For example, a carpet that was made in Pakistan using traditional patterns and special weaving techniques will differ in value and worth when compared to a similar carpet that originated in Turkey and was crafted in a far different manner.

If you're curious to learn more about the value of your unique Persian rug, then contact East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning today. Call (925) 933-8874 to schedule an appraisal service with one of our Oriental carpet experts. And be sure to bring your antique rug to use for cleaning and repair to maintain its value. 

Common Questions about Oriental Rug Care

Persian rugs

As a rug owner, it can be difficult to know where to turn for honest and useful information when it comes to keeping your one-of-a-kind carpet looking its best. Here at East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning, we are always eager to assist our clients in finding out the best ways to care for their rugs. Here are some helpful answers to your common questions about Oriental rug care.

Why is it Not Advised to Wash My Rug at Home?

While you may think that it's easier and more cost-efficient to do intensive Oriental rug cleaning on your own, experts warn against doing so because of the risk for permanent damage in the process. Professional Oriental rug cleaning companies utilize techniques and tools that have been specially designed to remove dirt and debris from area rugs, and cleaners are experienced in treating rugs according to their specific needs.

How Do I Know When it's Time to Vacuum My Rug?

As a general rule of thumb, it's best to vacuum your Oriental rug about once or twice per month. If you're worried that your vacuum may be too abrasive on your delicate rug, then consider removing the beater bar component before you clean. If you're on the fence about whether or not your rug needs to be vacuumed, gently brush a corner and look to see if excess dust is expelled.

Should I Place Padding Under My Rug?

Placing a pad under your rug is a great way to prevent it from sliding around on tile or a wooden floor and a convenient way to maintain its shape. Padding can also make your rug more enjoyable since it will be more comfortable to walk on. For tips on finding the right kind of padding, consult with our antique rug cleaning professionals.

Do you still have questions when it comes to caring for your Oriental antique rug? The friendly team here at East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning has been helping clients with their rug woes for over three decades. Call us today at (925) 933-8874 to find out how we can assist you in improving or maintaining the quality and appearance of your valuable Oriental rug. 

Basic Rug Care Tips

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If you are the proud owner of a beautiful antique Oriental rug, then you know just how important it is to properly care for this delicate item in order to maintain its unique qualities. In addition to having the rug professionally cleaned on occasion, there are several additional steps you can take to enhance the longevity of your rug. To learn more, take a look at these basic rug care tips.

Vacuum Regularly

One of the easiest ways to keep your carpet looking its best over time is to vacuum it at least once per week. Doing so will prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in the delicate rug's grooves. When you vacuum, be sure to turn off the beater bar on your vacuum cleaner as it could cause the carpet fibers to break down prematurely.

Keep the Sun Away

Another easy way to prevent damage to your antique rug is to keep it well protected from the sun. Constant exposure to the sun will lead to bleaching and permanent damage that your Oriental rug repair provider will have a considerably difficult time repairing. Use curtains and other window treatments to keep sunlight off of the surface and edges of the carpet.

Rotate the Rug Periodically

In addition to vacuuming your Persian rug and keeping it out of the sunlight, you can also proactively care for it by rotating it several times per year. This is especially helpful when it comes to protecting rugs that are placed in a room that receives a significant amount of sunlight and foot traffic.

Finally, the most effective way to care for your rug is to bring it to East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning for an antique rug cleaning service. We also offer Oriental rug repair services and are experienced in restoring rugs that have sustained significant damage. Find out how we can help you enhance the beauty of your antique rug by calling us at (925) 933-8874. 

Mistakes to Avoid as an Oriental Rug Cleaner

An authentic, hand-woven Oriental rug can bring lasting value to your home, but only if you treat it with the respect and care it deserves. Simply doing your best to clean and maintain your Oriental rug, despite being well-intentioned, will not prevent you from causing accidental damage. Familiarize yourself with the specific details of your rug, its materials, and its history can help you avoid two mistakes commonly made by ill-informed cleaners.

Edge of the rug

When cleaning your rug, only use materials that are approved and recommended specifically for the wool or other fabric from which your rug is made. Another mistake oriental rug owners make is believing that they can provide proper care for their rugs with weekly or monthly cleaning routines. Frequent cleanings that target dirt, dust, and newly emerged depressions are important, but should be supplemented by professional Oriental rug cleanings once every year or two if preservation is your goal. To arrange to have your collection of Oriental and antique rugs cleaned deeply and thoroughly by some of the best Oriental rug cleaning experts in the country, call East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning at (925) 933-8874.

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