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Retracing the History of Persian Rugs

Many antique Persian rugs hail from the second golden age of rug weaving, which occurred from the late 19 th century until the beginning of the 20 th century. The oldest known rug is 2,500 years old, but it displays the evolution of weaving, which predates the actual rug.

Rugs from the first Golden Age of weaving are extremely rare, but rugs from the 2 nd Golden Age are still incredibly popular. Check out this video to learn more about the history of the Persian rug.

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How Water Can Damage Your Rug

When you are trying to care for an antique rug, sometimes seemingly harmless factors can cause the most damage. Keep reading to learn more about water damage and what it can do to your rug:

Since most Oriental rugs have wool or cotton, water can cause serious problems for the foundation of the piece. Exposure to water can damage the cotton foundation and might even lead to rotting. Once the foundation is ruined, the nearby area might start to fall apart. Placing a planter on an Oriental rug could lead to unexpected water damage. You should also be careful about placing the rug on damp spots on the floor.

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Making Your Rug Stay in One Place

Keeping your rug in one place helps you extend its life and reduce unnecessary wear and tear. You can use carpet tape on tile floors to ensure that your rug stays where you put it.

Cut the tape into 2-4 inch strips and place the sticky side on the back of the rug. If you have a long rug, though, use the tape along the borders and in the middle. Stand on the rug once the tape is in place to make sure it stays. For more great tips, you can check out this video.

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Determining the Value of Your Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are beautiful additions to a home décor, but they can also become a great investment. Use this guide for help determining the value of your Oriental rug:

Look into the Knots Per Square Inch

The most valuable rugs have the most knots per square inch. You can fold over one side of the rug and use a ruler to count the amount of knots on your rug. If the number is on the lower end of the scale, around 35 or 50, it is probably not as valuable. If it has more than a few hundred knots, though, it will have a higher value.

Examine the Colors

Rugs created with natural dyes tend to have a higher value than those that have synthetic colors. If the colors on your rug are a little understated, the weaver might have used vegetable or other natural dyes to create them, which could mean that your rug has a higher value.

Check on the Condition of the Rug

Rugs that are in the best condition will have the highest value. If you notice any fading or other imperfections on your rug, you might want to look into Persian rug repair services. With a professional touch, you can restore the original condition of your rug and increase its value.

Take It in for an Appraisal

Unless you are a rug expert, you will probably not be able to determine the actual value of your rug unless you get it appraised. Your Oriental rug cleaning company should offer appraising services that allow you to figure out exactly how much your rug is worth.

Whether you need your rug cleaned, repaired, or appraised, the experts at East Bay Oriental Rug Cleaning are here to help. Since 1983, we have offered some of the best rug services in the entire Bay Area. To learn more about the company and what we do, visit us online or call (925) 231-0918.

How to Read a Rug

Persian rugs are designed to tell a story. In conjunction with its aesthetic appeal, you should also consider the meaning of a rug so you can find one that really fits into your home or office. Use the following tips to start learning how to read these rugs:

Geometric Shapes

Rug weavers include various geometric shapes into rugs to symbolize certain ideals. If you see a rug with a pattern that is repeated, it is symbolizing a unit, repetition, and organization. If you see symmetrical shapes, the weaver is creating a system of organization that makes it easy to see invariance and change.

Symbols and Motifs

If a Persian rug has a parrot symbol, it is referring to protection and the act of fleeing from a dangerous situation. Peonies symbolize power and peacocks represent immortality. A dog symbol is used to demonstrate ideas of trust and defense. The Tree of Life is used to show the path from Earth to Heaven. A lily is used as a spiritual symbol and a paradise bird represents paradise. The lotus represents rebirth and immortality and the iris signifies religious liberty. The blossom is a symbol for youth or a new marriage and the tulip represents prosperity.


The colors used in a rug can also say a lot about the weaver's artistic vision. Green is the holy color of the Prophet Mohammed and it is used to symbolize feelings like hope and renewal. Red is used to represent courage, joy, and wealth. Blue signifies power, force, solitude, and might even represent the After Life. Orange is used for humility and yellow is used to represent the joy of life. White is for purity, black is for mourning, gold is for power, and brown is for fertility.

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